Turntable set up guide


Are you having trouble with your turntable? Does it sound distorted, quiet or is the needle always skipping and jumping? Maybe you just don’t understand exactly how to set up your turntable and want the best out of it? This set up guide is all you will need to fix all those annoying issues and get it running spot on for many years to come. This means less wear on your equipment, no annoying jumping needles and the best sound possible.

In here you will find 11 easy steps covering wiring up your headshell, fitting the cartridge, adjusting the tone arm weight, setting the anti-skate wheel and lots more. It also includes over 30 high quality images and step by step instructions to make it as easy as possible for anyone from a novice to a seasoned veteran. Not only can it be used on the popular Technics range, the tips can also be used on most other brands of turntable including Stanton, Thorens, Pioneer, Toshiba, Teac and loads more. . If you have always been wondering what all those digits, dials and screws are used for well this is the manual designed just for you.

Please note this is an A4 document, printed as shown in the photos.

15 pages in total.

Postage is free Australia wide!

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